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The future of Sales, Marketing and customer engagement is NOW! But it's going to take a lot more than your traditional "iPad sales app" to take advantage of it

Welcome to SKURA SFX

SKURA SFX is a next-generation Adaptive Sales Enablement platform built for the Sales Rep and Company of the future. A first of its kind platform, SKURA SFX puts the salesperson and the customer at the center of the equation by providing the capabilities, features, and usability required for real customer engagement, and real mobile sales enablement.

SKURA SFX's "Customer First" design focuses on 6 core areas, which set the SKURA SFX platform apart and give our customers a competitive advantage:

1. Next-Generation Sales Calls

Want more engaging, compelling and exciting Sales Calls? Give your team the capabilities to make that happen!

SKURA SFX enables your salespeople to present anything (PPT, PDF, Word, Keynote, Video, Pictures, etc.), anywhere (F2F, Phone, Tablet, Computer, Web), on any platform (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry), making every Sales Call more engaging and every discussion more compelling. The SKURA SFX platform helps salespeople connect with their prospects and customers, because it doesn't matter what technology you use, it matters what technology your customers use.

2. Customer Engagement Analytics

Go beyond open rates to measure real customer insight and engagement.

SKURA SFX gives you the ability to understand what your customers are interested in NOW, by enabling advanced engagement monitoring. Know what your customers are looking at, who they are talking to and what they are really interested in. Don't settle for lagging indicators of sales success when SKURA SFX can give you leading ones.

customer engagement analytics graphic
multi channel image with people on clm platform

3. Engaging the Multi-Channel Universe

Your customers are engaging everywhere; your sales team must also!

SKURA SFX ensures your team delivers your message across all relevant channels (F2F, Mobile, Web, Social, etc.) in the easily consumable, compelling and engaging way your customers want.

4. Advanced Content Management & Monitoring

Marketing and Sales must work together to be successful. Why not give them the tools, such as our CLM platform to do it right!

SKURA SFX enables your Marketing team to centrally control your company's brand and message while seamlessly engaging the sales organization with customized, localized content, ensuring maximum adoption, uptake, and delivery of your message.

With the fastest, most flexible content deployment capabilities in the industry, SKURA SFX ensures your investment in Marketing and Sales results in the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel, all with our iPad sales app.

Any Platform, Any Device, Any Channel, Any Time

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predictive selling of the adaptive sales enablement process

5. Predictive Selling

Customers don't want information, they want answers.

SKURA SFX helps you provide them. With the SKURA SFX Predictive Selling Engine and our proprietary Adaptive Sales Enablement Algorithms, SKURA SFX goes way beyond traditional sales enablement to translate everything you know about your customers, your products, and services into a recommended approach for your Sales team. With SKURA SFX you will know what message, what time, what channel, and what frequency is best for your customers, providing a truly engaging customer experience.

6. Sales Rep Performance

Whether it's transferring knowledge about what your best salespeople do to make everyone better, or ramping up new team members so they are productive faster, SKURA SFX helps you leverage valuable sales experience, knowledge and analytics to make your whole team more effective.

With our Mobile Sales Enablement platform you will know what your best people are talking about with customers, what's working and what isn't and what you should be sharing with the entire team to help them all. Detailed analytics, KPI's and scorecards show you who is performing and why.

Whether you want a view of an individual or a global snapshot of your whole organization SKURA SFX shines a spotlight on what really makes salespeople rock stars.

sales rep showing the ipad sales application

The SKURA SFX Platform Advantage

Mobile First

ipad with SKURA logo icon

The SKURA SFX Mobile Sales Enablement platform is built to be mobile first and available anywhere, because your salespeople shouldn`t be sitting at their desks. This mobile first orientation ensures you make the most out of your investments in mobile technology for Sales and Marketing. Smartphones, Web, tablets, laptops, SKURA SFX was built for mobile and has you covered.

Easy to Use

With a consumer grade user interface and enterprise grade scalability and functionality the SKURA SFX platform brings the robust functionality our customers need with the ease-of-use they demand. Simple navigation, easy deployment and nothing for your customers to download ensure SKURA SFX is the easiest solution for you and your customers to use. Where salesperson adoption is critical to success, easy is the name of the game.

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Face-to-face, mobile, social, Web portals, secure email, edetailing, content management and monitoring, predictive selling, engagement analytics and much, much more, all in one platform. SKURA SFX puts everything you need to dynamically engage customers and enable your Sales and Marketing teams in one, easy to use place.


Sales and Marketing are part of the larger business, and we understand that relationship. That is why we've built advanced connections between SKURA SFX and today's leading CRM applications. Giving the sales rep a single interface to all customer data helps ensure their success, and reduces administrative tasks that take time away from meeting with customers.

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Future Proof - Platform & Device Agnostic

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Technology is in a constant state of change. Ten years ago no one could have envisioned (other than Steve Jobs) that everyone would carry smartphones and tablets, but today it's a reality. So too, the technology companies and their customers use is constantly changing. We have built SKURA SFX to be future proof by building our platform to be an operating system and platform agnostic. Whether you use Apple, Google, Microsoft or Blackberry, SKURA SFX can help. This neutrality ensures SKURA SFX can keep up with changing customer demands, and you can be sure you can always work with your customers in the way that is best for them. When things change we will be ready, and so will you.

Secure and Scalable

At SKURA we are 100% focused on making our customers Sales and Marketing teams amazing, by developing the world's most innovative Adaptive Sales Enablement platform. This is our core competency. Running world-class data centers and cloud infrastructure is not, which is why we work with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

secure and scalable icon

We wanted to make sure our customers had the most secure, most reliable, most scalable cloud available. That's AWS. AWS is the world leader in cloud infrastructure, used by governments and Fortune 1000 companies around the world to provide the best in cloud hosting and security. We could think of no better partners to provide the fast, secure, reliable, and on-demand infrastructure our customers demand to run their Sales teams. With advanced capabilities, features, and security, our customers rest easy knowing their information is protected by the best in the world.

Sales Enablement Success Series

Chapter #1 of our Sales Enablement Success Series is available NOW!

Sales is not a fixed science. Developing a skill-set to keep up with today's empowered buyer is essential to a sales team's success.

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