Increase Sales Productivity

Speed Sales Productivity to the Power of 10

Central Content Library

Launch presentations, search for presentations, create new presentations and access your content lists from a single location. Give your sales reps the content they need, when they need it with help of innovative sales rep software.


Calendar and Activity Feed

Calendar and Activity Feed

See your sales team's activities. Gain access to your sales reps' schedules and view their interactions with presentations, instantly.

Push Notifications

Calendar and Activity Feed

Give your sales reps the opportunity to never miss another update. With built-in push notifications, Sales can know exactly what's happening with their presentations up-to-the-minute.

Effective Training of Salespeople

Effective Training of Salespeople

Close more deals with effective sales rep training. Inform, educate, and empower your reps to tell a more engaging & interactive story.

Integrates with your existing CRM

Integrates with your existing CRM

SKURA Fully Integrates With the Most Popular Customer Relationship Management Solutions.

"We estimate that the SKURA advanced CRM integration has saved two hours of administration per day per rep."

Bruce Boulanger

Global Director Commercial Effectiveness

Sales Enablement Success Series

Chapter #1 of our Sales Enablement Success Series is available NOW!

Sales is not a fixed science. Developing a skill-set to keep up with today's empowered buyer is essential to a sales team's success.

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Peter Ostrow – Vice President And Research Group Director
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