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SKURA is looking for product leaders who are interested in changing the way companies do business. At SKURA you'll own a well defined part of the our sales enablement platform that over 40,000 users rely on every day. You'll have a dedicated team of software engineers, a designer, and all of the resources you need to build amazing software. SKURA product managers define the product, test assumptions, refine, and release. In short, you will own a key part of SKURA's future.

Product Managers at SKURA excel at:

  • Understanding their various customers inside out
  • Motivating engineers
  • Demonstrating continuous progress
  • Making hard, real time decisions, often with limited data
  • Balancing priorities across their team
  • Keeping abreast of their product's competitive landscape
  • Analyzing problems to find the most optimal solution
  • Speaking the languages of the different product stakeholders
  • Leading without authority
  • Finding creative solutions to challenging problems

SKURA judges candidates on potential, not a list of skills. Some of our best product leaders at SKURA have never worked in product management before.

The ideal product management candidate might be any one of the following:

  • Experienced marketer with a deep understanding of Outbound Selling
  • A seasoned developer with a knack for understanding customers
  • Entrepreneur with a track record of leadership in challenging environments
  • Technical enthusiast with a deep understanding of web based software
  • Highly versatile leader with a track record of managing to success
  • Product leader with experience in lean software development

We're building one of the best software engineering teams in the world and we need product leaders to guide those teams to success.

Come help us build real products that thousands of customers depend on.

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