What is E-Detailing, exactly?

Want to know the formula that will help your Sales and Marketing teams work better together, increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and empower sales reps in the Face-to-Face interaction?

With advancements in the Marketing and Sales process, there has emerged a new approach to Sales, and it works under a term named: "eDetailing".

A majority of sales reps don't know which marketing content to use, how to use it, or when to use it. And these elements are key when it comes to effective customer engagement.

At SKURA, we define eDetailing as:

"The use of electronic, interactive media that facilitates sales reps on Sales Call with customers."

This "interactive media" works to put content in front of the customer's eyes right at the moment they need it most. All sales reps need during the Face-to-Face interaction is an iPad with eDetailing software containing all of the content needed to create an engaging experience for the customer. And as the sales rep learns about the needs and preferences of the customer, they can share relevant product information and educational assets with them.

Showing the customer the product and proving the value of it comes as a result of customer needs and preferences, and this gets relayed back to Marketing for further content refinement.

Sales Enablement on doctor office

eDetailing allows the customer to interact with the content as they explore the features of the product. This helps improve the sales rep/customer relationship and leaves the customer more informed and satisfied with the interaction.

Imagine that - your CRM gets a face-lift. Once data from Sales Call gets collected, it is sent directly to the CRM, enabling Marketing and Sales to better refine campaigns and target customers with more personalized messages.

Want to increase revenue for your business and show results for the bottom line?

Creating a more refined, more personalized and engaging experience for the customer is the key to sales success. The key is to allow your Marketing and Sales teams to work more efficiently, to deliver a successful Sales Call, and really enable Sales when it comes to the Face-to-Face interaction.

It's time to start connecting your marketing and sales teams with an effective eDetailing solution.

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Sales Enablement Success Series

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Sales is not a fixed science. Developing a skill-set to keep up with today's empowered buyer is essential to a sales team's success.

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