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Sales Content Management at Your Fingertips & On Any Device

Over 40,000 SKURA users have already started realizing their potential. Don't just be on a Sales Call - be in charge. SKURA helps you easily import content for instant presentations. What's not to like about organizing and presenting digital content on any tablet? Work quietly behind the scenes with our market-leading content management software.

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Easily Import Content

Easy Import content

SKURA gives you the ability to quickly IMPORT PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, videos, images, HTML5 and even complete websites and distribute them to your sales team.

Ensure Content Compliance

Ensure Content Compliance

Ensure a reduced risk of using outdated content with SKURA SFX. Automatically apply regulatory and compliance requirements, including disclosures and other necessary information.

Modify Presentations Anytime

Modify Presentation anytime

SKURA makes adding, editing and deleting your presentations simple, and, dare we say, fun? Not only will you gain complete control over your content, you'll have a playful experience managing your presentations. Discover what it feels like to be in control of all your presentations whether you're on the couch or on the run.

Restricted Distribution and Access

Restricted Distribution and Access

The security and privacy of your information is important to us. At SKURA, we take your security very seriously. We are committed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all of your content. With restricted distribution & access, SKURA is built from the ground up to ensure your presentations are always protected.

Advanced Search and Content Tags

Advanced Search and Content Tags

Advanced search within SKURA SFX is fast, efficient and content is easy to find. Tags can be added on- the-fly. This is a great way of allowing you to find exactly what you need. Don't scramble for content, with advanced search & content tags, SKURA does all the legwork for you.

Playlist and Folder Organization

Playlist and Folder Organization

Get organized with playlists. A playlist is an easy way to organize your presentation library. You can create playlists that contain presentations for specific geographic areas, product lines, or even your custom presentations. Make your presentations spring to life in a click.

control your content
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Sales is not a fixed science. Developing a skill-set to keep up with today's empowered buyer is essential to a sales team's success.

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