What is Closed Loop Marketing, Exactly?

What is the key to effective customer engagement? It's understanding the needs of the customer; because when you understand the needs of the customer, you can deliver the right solution.

With advancements in the Marketing and Sales process, there has emerged a new approach to Sales, and it works under a term named: "Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)".

At SKURA, we define closed loop marketing as:

"The delivery of the most relevant information to the customer as a result of relaying customer data back to the Marketing team for further message refinement."

CLM platform takes on a completely different approach to the customer engagement process. Rather than bombarding customers with the wrong messages, it aims to understand customer needs so that communication can be more relevant. CLM can make this possible for sales reps. As a result of a continuous feedback loop from Sales to Marketing, Sales teams become more empowered on Sales Call.


What does the CLM process look like?

Collecting valuable feedback and information in the closed loop marketing process works to help sales reps better understand customer needs, which in turn, helps predict their behavior patterns. Gaining insight into critical data boosts sales results and helps develop targeted messages.

Below are the 4 stages of the CLM process:

1. Content Creation

Marketing works on content preparation for the sales force. This takes the form of generating Face-to-Face tablet details, content created for interactions that take place on self-navigated customer Web portals, as well as email campaign executions and other customer touch points.

Content Creation
customer engagement analytics graphic

2. Customer Engagement Analytics

From eye-catching animations, interactive features and advanced 3D simulations, Sales presents assets during a Sales Call and aims to generate involvement and engagement with the customer. All this information is recorded through automatic data collection.

3. Data Analysis

Marketing takes on data analysis to see which parts of their content assets and communications resonated most with customers. Analysis is conducted on the efficiency and effectiveness of the content and amendments to the contents begins.

multi channel image with people on clm platform
the SKURA ipad sales app image

4. Closing the loop

After content has been refined by Marketing, sales reps become more knowledgeable on customer needs and preferences, and go on Sales Call with more targeted and personalized communications.

The benefits of CLM

Closed loop marketing works to further segment customers and refines content to better fit the customer's needs. As a result, Sales brings an ever-increasing value to the customer and, in turn, customers become more receptive to the messages they are receiving

Rather than focusing on what you think the customer wants, closed loop marketing delivers on what the customer needs. And with more valuable communication, your sales reps increase value as knowledge providers.

Take the opportunity to establish a true partnership with your customers. Use CLM to get there.

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